how it started

I began this company in 2016 from a small one-bedroom apartment in the north side of Pittsburgh, PA.  I had a burning desire to become more innovative and established in my music career.  This ambition forced me to grow into a clever idea-smith of creativity and to cultivate a deeper understanding of art and entrepreneurship.   I always felt gratified by making intriguing works of art.  Just as inspiring was working with artists who were driven to be influential and oddly expressive.  It has long been my dream to produce some of the most innovative projects in pop culture.  To put this notion into action I developed a team of professionals that would help me grow as an artist and I quickly looked for other artists to work with.  While searching it was clear that there was no lack of talent in this world; mater of fact it was so plentiful that it made it more difficult. What was missing though were gifted indiviudals who that did not try to fit in to the current trend.  This changed our mindset.  Now as we sift through all the content, ideas and products of creativity, the distinct idea of this company is its association with the precious, rare, and glamorous type of creative-minds who will never lack-luster or become invaluable to their respective culture.  These type of creators make beautiful and eccentric art that is timeless, one-of-a-kind, and socially indestructible.  We deem these types of artists as all of the gold.