Artist Devlopment

If you want to take your career to the next level, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll team up with you to evaluate your career up to this point.  This will help determine your personal areas of opportunity, create an action oriented marketing plan, and set goals that will advance your potency as an artitst.  This service may include booking, public relations, and a place to create.  

Music Placement

Want to see your music in movies, advertising or another medium? Learn the technique the professional music artist use to get their tracks placed in various types of corporate media.  This service would include a critique of a batch of your songs and a course that will teach you how you can earn a significant income from your music

Access To Capital

After it is well established that your skillset as an artist is a sure-thing in the marketplace, it might be time to find the opportunities that will help you spread your message further and wider.  We partner with companies to help you fund fund your career.  




Project Management

From conception to goal setting or making changes on the fly. A manager for your special project will help you launch on time and stay on track with your most important projects. No matter how complex.  This service will provide a dedicated project manager to quarterback your


Brand Identity

How does your audience think, feel, and talk about you?  Developing a language and culture amongst the public is vital for your message to stand out, spread and be beloved.  A professional brand identity kit will help you distinguish who you are and what your mission is aesthetically and intellectually.